My viewpoints on “Religion, of any sort, is antiquated and doesn’t have place in a peaceful global village.”

Belief, hope, morals. These words spring to mind when I think of religion. What is the problem with religion? Clearly religion is antiquated and old-fashioned, but will it not make us better people today? Did it not guide our ancestors? I believe that we should not be pressured into following a certain religion: we should believe in the one we think is right.

First of all, it is worth considering that there are some people that follow no religion. Atheists, for example, who do not believe in any religion or God. Some of them say “What’s the point of religion, if there is no God? Religion is old and to follow it is just a tradition.” This is a valid point and I partially agree with this- I follow Christianity, as my parents did and theirs before them. I still 100% believe in my religion because my religion plays a vital role in my daily life and this is clearly shown in the life of our forefathers.

I want to be able to live in a peaceful global village; I want everyone to be caring to each other; I want to bask in the kindness of others. Yes, I know that this might be a bit too much to ask for, but there is a lot we can learn from religion, and we cannot just achieve this peaceful global village by ourselves. We require the help of religion. So as the creator of this peaceful global village, religion definitely earns a place there, along with everyone else in the World.

You may disagree with me saying, we don’t look for religion, but to each other for help, and this is how today’s young people think. This is also a valid reason, but despite this, religion encourages this. In this day and age and from the past and into the future, religion will always encourage generosity, gentleness and goodwill to all. Many people claim that religion is a thing from the past, but it allows us to live a good life, and maintain a healthy and thoughtful environment around us.

Religion may be a thing of the past and some people believe this to be true, but it still guides us in our daily lives. We live in an age where religion is not supported and there are conflicts between many religions. This is mainly because some people use religion to do bad things. In spite of this, religion is antiquated, but has a place in a peaceful global village, as it stimulates peace around the World.

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