Technology, a mode to uplift our faith:

Technology is often seen as something that damages a child’s life; it has always been criticised on its addictive nature. As children, we grow up seeing the evolution and changes in these devices. When we look at the way we are living, almost all our day to day tasks includes technology and it is because of this evolution in technology that we can participate in Holy mass and various methods of adoration to our Lord during this lockdown to prevail our faith.

Even though technology has provided us with these fascinating methods of communication, it also has the power to manipulate a person’s life. As the population increases, cyberbullying, addiction to games and lack of faith due to this addiction leads one into the path of an ungodly life. What I have always wondered is how can we include faith into a path filled with enticements to sin.

We as children have a duty to love and adore our heavenly father. Technology is a miracle given to us by God to learn and understand more about him. If we change simple tasks in our day, it will help us to uplift our Christian values. Steps such as, instead of playing games you could try to do a quiz about Christianity, testing your knowledge and faith. Instead of watching movies or YouTube videos, take this time to listen to speeches about our Almighty Father. In this Pandemic, God has granted us free time to adore and praise him more. Every month, I urge you to set a goal in which you will complete by the end of the month. For example, to do a rosary daily for 30 days, submitting something you wish to be fulfilled.

God is omnibenevolent, he will love you forever. Let us take this time we have been given to love him back. As Mother Teresa once said, “To love others as God loves you that is the measure of success”. To succeed in life we must: love God, praise God, and also show kindness and love to others. Technology has been gifted to us, we must utilise it to its full potential. Not by watching movies or playing games but by researching about God and becoming eager to acquire a comprehension of the wonderful works of God. Then we can use our knowledge to proclaim his kingdom. The internet, social media and new technologies create tremendous opportunities for evangelisation and we should take the positive part of it. Let us intercede through St.Francis Xavier-the patron of the catholic mission is to help us to carry out the great commission given by Jesus in Gospel of St.Mathew 28:17-‘Go and proclaim the gospel, I will be with you till the very end.’

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