The Coronavirus Impacts

The coronavirus pandemic has had many impacts on the economy, the environment and our daily lives. However, during a potential economic recession and political problems, we very easily dismiss the social impacts of coronavirus.

 The most important social impact of Covid-19 is mental and physical health problems. Even in this age we live in, which is dominated by technology and everyone seems to be happy left alone to their own devices, the truth is that without social interaction, people become irritated. This is especially the case for our younger generation. The students among us have been instructed to stay at home and attend lessons via the internet and adults are advised to work from home where possible. The elderly and the socially vulnerable are badly affected too. Most of them are socially isolating with the fear of contracting the illness and became lonelier. Our faith community got affected too as churches are closed.

On the positive side, people started spending more time with their family. Children of working parents are getting more time with their parents and siblings. The lack of pollution from factories has led to cleaner air, waterways and clearer sky. Each household has become its own chapel, where we are worshiping our Lord and celebrating the Holy Qurbana. Praying together as a community using social media will keep us united in the name of Jesus. We are spending more time in prayers that keep our hearts close to the cross in this time of uncertainty.

We must remember that we have faced many hardships like this in the past. We have seen many earthquakes and floods in our homeland. We responded to these by carrying out charity work and staying strong in the faith that the Lord will guide us and strengthen us. In the same way we fought through the SARS pandemic, and how we came together as a community to deal with all other problems, it is important to not to be disheartened and depressed. We must stay strong to fight this dilemma together.

During all these hardships, we must remember that Jesus is with us and he will guide us and protect us. Isaiah 43:2 says “when you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.” Let us be confident in Jesus and assured that he will rescue us in this desperate time. Let us pray every day and offer our minds and hearts to Christ, that he may protect them and heal them, so that we can stay healthy during this period, and become more kind and generous towards those who are less fortunate.

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