The Miracle at the Palace

Five tall handsome men stood in front of the king’s throne all pleading to be with
his perfect daughter. They all had gifts with them; they were all unique in
different ways. Except for one man, the most handsome man there, he had
brought her a stone, a tanzanite gemstone, the rarest stone in the world. “Why
have you brought me a tanzanite gemstone that is worth millions of Israeli
Shekel!” said Princess Pernesha.
“Because my dear princess that is what you deserve,” said the man.
He walked away in confidence thinking that he would gain her love in no time.
The next man came and gave her a cheap necklace.
“Do I look like a servant to you?” Said the princess.
“No princess Pernesha, that is one hundred Israeli Shekel necklace” , replied the
“Just go, Next man!” she shouted at the next man to come and he offered her a
silver necklace that had gold pearls attached to it.
“Beautiful, but not as nice as the tanzanite gemstone.”
He walked away and the next man came up to the throne, he was the last out of
the five men and he was an old man. He offered her an apple.
“Wow, an apple? you think that I am a homeless woman on the streets, even
she won’t accept that”
“Listen, woman, I am not here to marry you. I am here to tell you that
expensive Jewellery or a rare gemstone is nothing compared to the love
everyone gives you. God says that money is worth nothing to us. We have to
work for it, but the love that we give is priceless. He walked away and prayed to
the holy spirit that she would hopefully learn that message.
The next day the five men came to the throne to see that the girl was on her
knees weeping for forgiveness from the holy spirit. The men came upon her and
comforted her. She gave their gifts back to them and from then she started to
pray to god and wonderful things happened to her. One day she was helping the
maids clean the palace and she felt a chill spree down her back. It was the holy
spirit blessing her body, she had felt good in her body and realised that the man
was right. She had left the palace and wandered around the city trying to find
the old man. She asked many people around her but nobody knew until she
stopped at The church of the nativity. She saw the old man at the church. She
rushed over to him and explained to him how his words affected her whole life.
The man was surprised and thanked the holy spirit for the miracle.
She then attended holy mass for the first time in her life. She enjoyed it and
from then on she attended mass every day with the old man, and her father (
The King) also joined them.

There was a boy at the church who was the same age as her and also attended
mass every day. She liked him because he reads the bible during mass and his
voice was very calming, but he was poor and had no family other than his
grandmother who he lived with.It was time for her to marry a man, she couldn’t
decide so she took the word of the old man and she did not marry any of the five
men, but she married the boy at the church who her father really liked. So the
next day they had their marriage and they lived happily ever after.

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