Congratulations! The Heavenly Gifts has completed six months.

A glance at the Heavenly Gifts reveals a variety of creative material beautifully presented and shared. We can all be proud that the Heavenly Gifts is unique and a new way of community participation and sharing. We have pioneered this, and we have been setting a standard.

I believe every one of you who has contributed material for the Heavenly Gifts has enjoyed the process of making it. As I have mentioned previously, “making is connecting”. While making and sharing things we connect ideas, material, and people. This I have learned from the works of Professor David Gauntlett and it is now part of my research. I also would argue that while making and sharing things we also connect with God, the ultimate creator. The very process of creative-making—creating a video, writing a poem, or drawing a picture—is rewarding and fulfilling. Everyday creativity can lead to personal transformation of self and growth. The act of creative-making and sharing can impart happiness, pleasure, and a sense of accomplishment and enhance self-esteem.

The way the editorial team has been connecting people, ideas, and creativity for each release has been marvellous and edifying. It has been an enriching and learning experience for me to be part of the team. The teamwork led by Tency Jain has been amazing. There has been systematic planning, sharing responsibilities, constructive criticism and collective decision making be it in planning content for each month, executing contests, or organising gifts for winners. Joby Tom has been doing everything possible in designing the platform and creatively presenting material.

Keep making and sharing material.

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