The Lost Man

A Bottomless Black.A Blemishing shade of black.

Rough land stretched upon like a desert of isolation and wonder making it like a panorama of non-aesthetically pleasing black ground.The man was in a mixed state of reality, where his conscience could just simply not apprehend his surroundings.Rough byzantium land and salamander orange sky had stretched onto every direction but It was just him.All his life he was never this lonely but that was just a lie his eyes had misled him to believe.Not a single soul cared for him not even what was left of his family.His situation was no different than before.

He shook his head and that seemed to make him rivet his focus to what seemed at most importance.Where he was.He couldn’t trust his sight, especially because of his long ceaseless time on Earth.

Seconds later a dead bush had caught his eye.How Had he not seen this? He thought and instantaneously he strode towards it looking for any sort of answer to his ambiguous situation.He scrutinized the bush with all the power that he could muster with his eyes.The bush was near to death and looked devoid of nutrients.He knelt down next to the bush and felt the bush with his old brittle hands.It was cold to the touch and he could sense how weak the plant was with wisdom he’d assembled through all his years alive.

Just as he was about to touch the plant with his left hand,the world suddenly started vigorously shaking,It was like an earthquake but with a magnitude enough to mock the power of Zeus.His knees let in and caused him to tremble and fall onto the plant,crushing it and doing it one last favour.The earth was also crumbling, cosmic chunks of it falling into a void that was too empty to describe.

He crawled into a weak position and hugged his feeble knees and prayed to whatever God he could think of.Why Me?,The man constantly thought.Is his miserable life not enough?.While the falling Earth came closer,the Old man once again used his sight to help him out of this scenario.He spotted a piece of earth that had not fallen and it was by a reachable distance by a strong enough leap.He had no time to worry and cumulated all the strength in his legs to make one leap that would save him.He counted down his mind “3……2…….1!”.

He Jumped……And failed.Barely reaching the piece of earth and not even grazing it.Unable to make the jump he fell down into the void,falling at a blistering rate. The air was slightly sweeping up against the tiny silver whiskers of hair he had on his head .The shock of falling put his head to sleep and he blacked out.

“hellooo” said a voice in almost irritating way “,wakey wakey”

He resented the voice greatly. His vision soon came back.He recognised the place.It was his home.At least that’s what he was told.He quickly recognised the person talking to him.It was his caretaker.The most annoying human to ever exist.Her voice was enough to make him put a bullet in his head and Her smile was the worst thing of it all.It was so broken that there were more holes than in a slice of swiss cheese But he couldn’t really talk since he wasn’t exactly prince charming.He had barely any hair and a skinny structure and a face that makes early man specimens look young.

At least he was safe knowing what he just went through was just hopefully a dream.He slowly rose out of the uncomfortable chair he was in and moved the caretaker out of the way,she was quite short so no strength was really needed.He examined the room and confirmed that it is in fact the “home” he was left in.The living room was meant to give out a warm and comfortable ambience but all it did was make the man drowsy.He quickly took a glance at his grey haired friends in the room and recognised every single one of them; Stan,A humble soul,Martha,Half-witted but innocent and lastly Frank,always filled with glee.They were all sleeping peacefully in their chairs.He finished reminiscing his times with his friends and exited the spacious room and continued into the hallway only now there was a unexpected pain in his legs which was coincidentally in the the same place that he tensed to get ready for the jump when he was in his stupor.How strange.

He brushed the thought away and continued down the corridor.The caretaker hurrying after him with her stumpy legs.He soon found his personal space and opened the door  quickly shutting  it,making sure the caretaker would stay out.

He stared at his room.It was fairly empty but that pleased him .This was the best part of his so called home.The only thing in his room that he held any care for(other than his bed) was his count of years on this earth would ever make stop loving his guitar.It held so many important aspects of his life all in solitude but a musical solitude.His ears were the only ones he wanted to please.It was a selfishness that he had condoned.His guitar was the only warmed coloured object in the room.Everything else was pale white or Grey.Just how he liked it.He knelt down to pick up his guitar although it  pained him but it was worth it.The instrument was light to hold and and was smooth to touch.He had polished it every week.The strings were made of metal and the base made of the bark of a tree from the home he grew up in.He had no connection to the tree but it was a piece of his childhood home so it mattered just as much.He flipped the guitar until it laid on its bottom side up.There in the middle engraved,showed a signature of a person he grew up adoring.His mother.The only one in the world that was an exception to his musical selfishness.He would play to her every night when he was a child even when he played horribly but his mother would always enjoy it and tell him on what he should improve on.Slowly improving everyday he would soon be ready to play in an orchestra but reality soon came back with its tax for happiness, poisoning his dreams in the process. 

Ah alas,At least he had his mother,the only audience he ever deserved or needed.But no.The universe was not done with his unfortunate lead of events.His mother had developed a malignant cancer when he was 14.She died in the hospital a few days later after she was diagnosed.His last words to her were song he wrote in commemoration to her.It was a collection of the most beautiful words he could think of and the most beautiful melody his nimble fingers could strum.Without his mother he felt worthless and ran from his life like a coward.

He stood there holding his guitar.Tears were falling down like nuclear bombs onto the wood of the guitar but the polish made it almost water resistant .He wiped his eyes removing the sadness but instead it stung him mentally and physically.Something on his sleeves had seeped into his eyes and made them water like fountains.He tilted his head and looked at his sleeves.There was some dirt on them.It looked rather familiar.It resembled an almost same byzantine colour as the dirt in the dream he had.His eyebrows sank like anchors in tumult.Realization soon arrived with a blasting affect.Both sides of his mind were battling it out.The logical tanking with a logical a reason for this phenomenon and the creative side casting a full blow with a possibility that his “dream”could have been real.All of this resulted in a migraine and the war had came to a pause.The Old man’s head could not handle the thermal energy being produced by his cranium.

Just then the ground beneath him disappeared.He was floating for a brief second  and then he was falling at rapid speed.The man couldn’t see anything but dirt and just continued falling.Surprisingly there was no wind which seemed quite odd but due to that he didn’t black out.2 seconds later he was falling from the sky.Strangely there were no white clouds but just and empty orange sky like the one in his dream.The ground also resembled the same byzantine as before.He was about to make impact and couldn’t trust in reality anymore on whether he would die or not.He made impact and was not hurt.The only thing that did hurt was his head from the intensive thinking he was doing.This is experience he was having was not human.Either out of this world or in his head.The old man got up brushed the dirt off of him and gazed around him.In the distance rising from the orange sky he could hear large footsteps.Like a giant on a walk.He then heard a spine-shriveling shriek and the sounds travelled in such a an abnormal way that it could have been supernatural.His eyes were glued to where he heard the sound from .

A large creature came from that direction.It was human-like but very thin and was a charcoal black colour but is eyes were whiter than the whitest bleach on earth confirming that this thing was not from earth or made by God itself.The creature stared at the man both beings confused on why the other is present at this time and place.The creature made another shriek louder than before and started sprinting towards the old man like a tiger after its prey.What else could he have done other than to use the bipedal infrastructure that he was given.He ran as fast as could sacrificing every chance for a breath just so he could be further away from that thing.The man had made a bit of distance between the deity and took this time to regain his breath.Just then out of the corner of his eye he had spotted a familiar warm-coloured object.It was his guitar.He was holding it before he came here so that must explain its presence.He went over and picked the thing up and brushed the dirt from it.He only then realised that the creature that was chasing him was now right in front of him.Its eyes fixed at the man .All he could do was play his guitar so that in his final moments there would be at least something beautiful.He started strumming ,then he was picking then traversed into the same melody he played for his mother.He strummed care free despite his situation.Unexpectedly the creature made no advance and stood there soaking in the music produced by the man.The creature knelt down on his thin knees even while kneeling it was a gargantuas.The creature then started singing the lyrics to the song the man was playing.a wave of shocks swept past the man but that didn’t hinder his ability to play.He kept on.The creature had an amazing voice.It was quite feminine like for a creature like this one.How does it know the lyrics?Why hasn’t it killed me?.He had all sorts of questions but they were left unanswered as just then the creature started melting.The black of the creature was literally melting off.It seeped like tar and was overflowing spreading throughout the whole land and even somehow covering the sky.Now all he could see was black.

A Bottomless Black.A Blemishing shade of black.

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