The Lanky Tree

Swishing and swaying,

in the cold spring breeze,

a little bird perched on a tall, lonely tree,

chirping a song full of glee,

Pecking the wood in harmony!

Summer kicks in,

at full heat and speed,
hitting all sides

of the now lonely tree,

scorching his bark and killing his leaves,

the tall tree cries in misery.

As the brown and orange leaves flutter,

the old, crooked tree mutters,

his once happy tune,

as he sways and sways,

he stares into the distant sun,

with a heart of joy inside him.

As the days go by,

from spring to winter,

the lanky tree moans as it withers,

sad and sombre,

he droops all day,

never to see his beauty again.

Older and older he gets by the day,

seeing the birds catch their prey.

Birds come by,

and peck at his wood,

as he slowly, but surely shrivels away.

Morale: This poem presents the meaning of life, and how your appearances don’t matter but the emotions inside you is important.

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