His Sacred heart

കുട്ടികളുടെ കവിതാരചന മത്സരത്തിൽ രണ്ടാം സമ്മാനാർഹമായ കവിത.

Life is full of problems
They hurt like prolonged acid rain
They will leave you scarred
And you won’t be able to handle the pain
And running away from it will be hard

But never fear
The lord is always with you
No matter how deep you hit rock bottom
He is always near
And will always love you
No matter the problem

He loves you in every possible way
He knows how special you are
He cares for you all-day
You’re his No.1 star

Every problem you face
He will face it too
Every time you race
He will race with you

He will refresh you
And take your shoulders upon his yoke
And bless you
His heart for you is bespoke

His sacred heart is humble
And you will learn from him
His scared heart his gentle
and you will find your burden thin

What a wonderful lord he is
So make sure you love him
As much as he loves you
Then your heart he would withdrew

So come all who are exhausted
And find life burdensome
To The lord where you will be assisted

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