The wonders of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph the delight of Saints: All Saints are heroes, and they are great role models, but Saint Joseph is the greatest Saint, the greatest hero. What better role model for the saints to look up to other than Saint Joseph. Besides Mother Mary, St Joseph stands above all the saints. His virtues and holiness are extraordinary, he is honoured and loved as the man closest to Christ. He is the greatest example of love, humility and dedication to Jesus and Mary. 

Saint Joseph our spiritual father: Saint Joseph was proclaimed the Patron of the Universal Church in 1870 by Blessed Pope Pius IX. Saint Joseph took loving care of Mary and gladly dedicated himself to the upbringing of Jesus the son of God and Mary the mother of God. He likewise constantly watches over and unceasingly protects the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. 

Saint Joseph the young husband of Mary: Even though most traditional images of Saint Joseph portray him as an old man the Catholic Church has no formal official teachings on the exact age of Joseph. On the contrary he is given the title the Guardian of the Redeemer, chaste guardian of the Virgin, model of workmen, terror of demons, protector of the Church. Saint Joseph as a husband of Mary was most chaste, modest and pure. 

Saint Joseph the virginal Father of Jesus: Mary belonged to Joseph and Joseph to Mary, their marriage was as real as any other marriage. But they safeguarded each other’s virtue of chastity, purity and holiness. Joseph still held a father figure in Jesus’ life, he is the foster father of Christ and Mary’s beloved spouse. 

Saint Joseph the just and reverent man: Joseph never doubted Mary, he was not once suspicious of Mary’s faithfulness but rather being a humble and just servant of God, he planned to separate himself from Mary quietly because he knew the divine interreference in the life of Mary and considered himself unworthy to be the husband to the Mother of God and be the father of the Son of God. Joseph was perfectly united to the Divine will and humbly trusted God’s will.

Saint Joseph saviour of the saviour: Saint Joseph trusting the Word of God saved Jesus our saviour from the wicked hands of Herod. God knew how strong Joseph trusted in the Divine will, so He chose Joseph to be the saviour of the saviour. The title that shows the greatness of the fatherhood of St Joseph. Saint Joseph without thinking twice saved the saviour who came to us, the whole world.  

Saint Joseph terror of demons: Saint Joseph is the closest man to Jesus. Jesus came to free us from the power of evil, the child born to the woman came to defeat the devil. His fatherhood, chastity, holiness, purity, humbleness and faith give him extraordinary intercessory power. Satan fears purity and humility the most, both which like Mary and Jesus, St Joseph also possess. 

Among all the many wonders and titles of Saint Joseph these are just few. One thing in common is how pure and dedicated Saint Joseph is. He carried out his mission as a father and husband to its fullest not to get any credit but to glorify the will of God. 

Saint Joseph, pray for us. 

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