Blessed Carlo Acutis

Wisdom chapter 6:10- For they will be made holy, who observe holy things in holiness. We have a millennium new generation beautified boy now as an example, who used technology to learn and understand more about God.

Carlos Acutis was a young boy like many of us. He was an expert at computers and he uniquely used that talent. He collected all the Eucharistic miracles that occurred in different places all over the world and designed a website. He understood the remarkable richness and variety of miracles within that heavenly banquet. Even at a very young age, little Carlo was researching about God and becoming eager to acquire a comprehension of the wonderful works of God. He used his knowledge to proclaim God. Carlo taught us that social media can be used positively and how we can keep ourselves holy in this cyber era. He didn’t do any massive gestures to prove his loyalty. He simply loved the Lord, had a heart for the poor, and joyfully offered his sufferings for the Pope and the church. From his very childhood, he was a Marian devotee and would pray 20 rosaries daily. Unbelievably, he has never missed his daily Holy Mass. These were the two pillars of his spiritual life.  “ Eucharistic celebration is the highway to heaven,” Carlos Acutis. Holy Eucharist was his focal point of life. The more we receive Holy communion, the more we become like Jesus – what Carlo used to say. He always found some time to worship Jesus in the tabernacle. He was particularly compassionate to the less fortunate and defended unfortunate children.

Though he lived in this world for just 15 years, this warrior is a holy model for our generation. When Carlos’ body was revealed, not a single part was deceased. He was beatified on 10th October 2020 in front of his parents. He is the patron of the internet and youth. He is the model of the holiness of the digital age. For the first time in history, we will see a saint dressed in jeans, sneakers, and hoodies.

Carlos’ story shows us that holiness is not a distant thing but very much within everyone’s reach. we don’t have to be a nun or a priest to be holy. It is the call of every baptized Christian. Little things can encourage others to look to God as a role model. Because of these small things Carlo was rewarded. Pope Francis presented him in his letter to young people around the world.

Eucharistic is the source, summit and the center of the Christian life. It’s an absolute expression of God’s love for humankind. St Theresa says how much God has gifted in this small secret? The only way to understand this most beautiful sacrament is with our hearts, not with our intellect. That is what Carlo as a little boy did. It was him as a little boy who managed to get himself to holy mass and convince others to receive holy communion daily. Let us imitate Carlo and follow Jesus in every activity of ours.

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