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Mathru Vedi

Mathru vedi is an organisation for mothers. The organisation has formed in the parish aiming at the revival of families through mothers and help raising the community in a life deep routed in Christian faith. It was formally inaugurated on 30/05/2014 by  Mar. Dr. Joseph Porunnedam ( Bishop of  Manathavady) and our Chaplain, Rev.Fr.Jose Anthiyamkulam, in presence of Trustees Mr.Paul Kuruvilla and Mrs.Josy Shajan , committee members and the church community.

Mission statement- A devout and pious woman is always a like a scented candle and a beacon hope to her family, church and society. To foster their capabilities and strengthen their spiritual power, and to encourage a religious progress of the community through prayerful life mathruvedi brought all mothers of this community under one umbrella. With Mathru vedi members getting involved in every activity where a mother’s hand can help, church becomes more maternal by nature. Organisation prioritises spiritual activities through prayers- chain rosary and abstinence prayers for those who seek for prayer support. Members are actively involved in church decoration. Under the patronage of Rev. Fr. Joseph Anthiyamkulam ,Mathruvedi spreads its fragrance to the entire Syro-malabar community of Eastham. Mathru Vedi invites all mothers to share their love, care, prayer and valuable presence to this spiritual endeavor. Let us gather under the wings of our Lord Jesus and imprint His gospel message in our hearts. Mathru Vedi aspires to become effective instrument of Jesus, on the path of perfect glorification of God the almighty in our family, church and society. Let our Mother Mary guides us to our way towards the eternal light.

Office bearers for 2014 are as follows:

President-Mrs.Shiny Jeeson

Vice president-Mrs. Shanti Jose

Secretory-Mrs.Emily Samuel

Unit representatives

Canning Town-Mrs. Bessy Saji

Central park unit- Mrs Rini Joshy

Dagenham-Mrs.Shiny Manoj

East ham unit-Mrs.Rani Benny

Upton Park unit-Mrs.Gracamma Manuel