I see fire, I see light, I see the Holy Spirit,
On this very night. I see a dove,
High, high above, I see the Holy Spirit
And feel its endless love. I hear the wind,
God who’d never sinned,
His stroke on my palm is upon me,
He is with me.
You are my shepherd,
Your crook, held tight in your hand,
You heal those blind and mute,
God bless your Holy Land. I am your blessed child
Of this, I am sure. I praise you on my knees,
Oh, your love’s a Holy cure!
All are made
From your Holy existence.
With me, your love always stayed,
And it will live in me till the end of
the world.
Give me knowledge,
Give me might,
Oh, Holy Trinity,
The God of divine light!
Give me wisdom,
Give me sight,
As did the wise man, I know your ways are right.
Give me counsel,
Give me strength,
Make me humble,
On this very night.
Give me fortitude,
Give me understanding,
Make me brave
To follow thy will.
Give me piety,
Give me light,
Give me hope,
On this very night.
My fear of you never ends,
My love for you never ends,
My belief in you never ends,
Lord, I am yours forever and ever.

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