My thoughts about Covid-19 Lockdown

Dear Diary,
It has been over 2 months now after school closed, I haven’t been able to see my friends or family, like my cousins. We have all been cut off by this global emergency, caused by the pandemic, coronavirus. Thanks to the new and improved technology we still keep connected via social media apps like Whatsapp and meeting apps like zoom.
Although we can still stay connected by technology it isn’t the same as talking face to face. Many people have died during this pandemic which makes us part of a big history which later in the future people will be learning about. The fact that many people have died has affected nurses and doctors severely as said on the news as they have seen many people just lying there dead in front of them, but not just nurses and doctors also families have lost their loved ones and can’t even say goodbye to them or see them.
I think that the lesson I learned is that nothing in this world always stays the same, such as money or personal belongings like fancy cars and technology. We should always live in God’s love and never be separated away from him by jealousy or hate.

2 thoughts on “My thoughts about Covid-19 Lockdown

  1. Edwin J Ettil’s article highlights the importance of faith, hope and service in the life of of Christian in the context of Covid-19. Congratulations!

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